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EHRbase is an openEHR Server under the Apache 2 License

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About EHRbase

EHRbase is the leading open source electronic health record backend.

EHRbase is an open source software backend for clinical application systems and electronic health records.

It is mainly based on the openEHR specifications, an open platform architecture for developing flexible and interoperable eHealth systems. Applications based on openEHR share a common information architecture, i.e. they “speak” the same technical language to express clinical information. This enables interoperability between applications by design.

EHRbase is also part of the openEHR community, which aims to break down barriers for vendors, hospitals, regional and national eHealth programmes, researchers and others to adopt open standards and thereby foster the establishment of semantic interoperability. As an alternative to proprietary platform products or self-development, EHRbase aims to provide organisations with a modern, standards-compliant and rock-solid foundation for their next-generation eHealth solutions.

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EHRbase Key Features

Open standards: EHRbase is built on openEHR

Open Standards

Open standards and the separation of data from applications are the prerequisite for the long-term management of clinical data. EHRbase is built on openEHR, the international standard for vendor-neutral electronic health records.

EHRbase open platform

Open Platform

All services and all data are accessible through the standardised openEHR REST API. Build simple applications or complex clinical application systems based on a vendor-neutral architecture.

EHRbase software development kit

Software Development Kit

The openEHR SDK for Java is the faster and smarter way to create clinical applications. Automatically generate classes from clinical models to implement business logic, custom APIs and queries.

EHRbase open source

Open Source

EHRbase and the openEHR Software Development Kit use the business-friendly Apache 2.0 licence. Build your next eHealth project on proven open source solutions without any restrictions.

Deploy anywhere with EHRbase

Deploy anywhere

EHRbase is lightweight and requires only a Java Runtime Environment and a Postgres database. Deploy to the operating systems and runtime environments of your choice using binaries or a Docker container.

EHRbase support

Optional Support

For mission critical deployments, professional maintenance and service level agreements may be appropriate. Professional support is available through vitagroup.

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