EHRbase 2.0

Enhanced Stability, Performance and Compliance.

Munich, 09/04/2024 – We are thrilled to announce: The highly anticipated version 2.0 of EHRbase has been officially released today. EHRbase is renowned as the leading open source Electronic Health Record (EHR) backend based on the internationally recognised openEHR specifications. EHRbase 2.0 provides a major leap forward for its global user community.

The new AQL engine: fast, flexible, compliant

EHRbase 2.0 introduces a complete overhaul of its openEHR Archetype Query Language (AQL) implementation. AQL allows to flexibly retrieve data from any compliant openEHR system in a vendor-neutral and interoperable way. The all-new AQL engine reflects the experience of the user community using EHRbase in numerous projects around the globe, including the National Digital Platform of NHS Scotland and almost 40 hospitals in Germany as part of vitagroup’s HIP CDR (HIP Clinical Data Repository) Software-as-a-Service platform. As a result, the new AQL engine offers enhanced stability, performance, and compliance. 

Interoperable and future-proof

By adhering to the openEHR specifications, EHRbase 2.0 enables healthcare organisations to build and deploy application systems that are not only interoperable, but also future-proof. This approach eliminates the common pitfalls associated with vendor lock-in and proprietary solutions, paving the way for a more integrated, patient-centred healthcare ecosystem.

Open as usual

EHRbase remains true to its goal of making the open platform available to everyone by adhering to the commercially friendly Apache 2.0 licence. This ensures that hospitals, companies, and others can leverage EHRbase to develop natively interoperable application systems or enhance their existing products with open platform capabilities. EHRbase continues to be available via GitHub ( Complementary, based on numerous requests from the community, for mission-critical solutions, environments, and deployments, vitagroup now provides professional support, consulting services and enhancements for EHRbase (

“We recognise our responsibility as part of the open platform movement to help disseminate the openEHR standard. EHRbase is the key technology to overcome vendor lock-in and the major interoperability challenges. The new release is a strong demonstration of our commitment to solving fundamental challenges in healthcare data management globally,” said Stefan Schraps, Vice President Business & Community Management at vitagroup. As an industry partner, vitagroup has been actively promoting the openEHR standard and EHRbase for many years.

A great success for the entire community

“We are more than proud of the result! The openEHR approach deserves a high quality open source implementation and the team has done a fantastic job in taking EHRbase to the next level. The new release provides a solid technical foundation for the next decade,” says Product Owner Alex Vidrean.

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